Storage for green energy.

Aggregation of distributed energy storages

myPowerGrid joins distributed energy storages into the myPowerGrid-Platform. The aggregated operation of storages enables a safe, ecologically sensible and at the same time economically optimized management.

Integration of renewable energy

myPowerGrid integrates green-power into the power-grid, and deals with the challenges of sustainable electricity generation.


myPowerGrid allows to reduce peak demands on the bases of consumption and PV-forecasts.

Optimization of self-supply

myPowerGrid maximizes the self-supply of PV-energy.

Avoiding Grid-expansion

myPowerGrid allows to unload the power-grid by intelligent regulation of distributed energy storages.

Regional added value

myPowerGrid increases the benefit of each individual storage, the regional sustainability, and the regional economy.

Increase of the economic efficiency

myPowerGrid's distributed energy storages provide high-quality grid services. These allow economically attractive business models, even in bad weather periods.

Power forecast

myPowerGrid includes an individual PV-forecast to optimize the storage usage.