Storage for green energy.

Coordinated distributed energy storage

The volatile character of wind power and PV is at odds with the necessity of keeping the balance between generation and consumption within the power grid. With respect to grid stability and uninterrupted service, this poses serious challenges for the management of energy generation. One option for balancing the inevitably increasing fluctuations is the short-term storage of electricity. Even today, electric energy is already stored by means of pumped hydro. A new development, however, is the adaption of electrochemical storages, such as lithium-ion batteries. Even today batteries are being installed in private homes to increase self-sufficiency. Use of energy storage systems only in consideration of the individual home, however – such as exclusively to increase the self-sufficiency through locally generated PV power – does not fully exploit the possibilities of the storage systems and may even run counter to the stability of the grid, such as when wind turbines have to be shut down or conventional power plants have to be placed in operation. The storage potential of these batteries can be better exploited with coordinated control appropriate to the current state of the grid instead of exclusively increasing self-sufficiency.

With myPowerGrid, we are in the process of developing a web platform taking the first steps down the road towards coordinated, distributed electricity storage. Combining both public and private interest, an optimal management of the storages is ensured, in order to guarantee supply preferably wholly from renewable energy sources. The aggregated operation of storages enables a safe, ecologically sensible and at the same time economically optimized management by provision of many different services for utilities, transmission system operators, and virtual power plant managers. Among these are reduction of load and generation spikes (“peak shaving”), adaptation of energy yield forecasts, inclusion of the virtual storage in combined, regenerative plants in order to provide reserve power, and participation in energy and reserve power markets.

The myPowerGrid project installed one of the first battery storage systems in order to develop the required software components. With the state of the art today, it is possible to control the battery very accurately – for example, to increase the self-sufficiency of locally generated PV energy, but also to accommodate excess flow and reduce peak power feeds. Furthermore, the local energy management system communicates with the central myPowerGrid platform and exchanges status information and schedules for contracted energy services. In the next step of the project, battery storage devices will be installed with the project partners. An evaluation of the software components and the provision of energy services will subsequently be performed.


myPowerGrid auf der E-world 2017 in Essen

06 Feb 2017

Besuchen Sie uns vom 06. - 08.2 auf der E-world in Essen - Halle 7 / Stand 7-628.

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myPowerGrid Plus Ergebnisbericht veröffentlicht

01 Jun 2016

Der Ergebnisbericht kann unter folgendem Link abgerufen werden.

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myPowerGrid erneut im Pfalzwerke Kundenmagazin - unterwegs - 2015

09 Mär 2015

Im Kundenmagazin “unterwegs” der Pfalzwerke wurde ein doppelseitiger Bericht über das myPowerGrid-Projekt veröffentlicht.

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